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America Reborn, The New Paradigm

The transformation of the U.S. population makeup and culture is central to the on-going stressors that continue to divide the country. A permanent evolution is in-progress which has displaced traditional customs and legacy family cultural values in America, transforming it.

Five components are central to the transformation The United States will experience during the next 25 years reported including;

A shift in the ethnic makeup as minority populations specifically Latino or Hispanic, Black, Asian groups gain political power, overtaking white groups by 2045. The increasing cultural diversity shifts require greater acceptance and equality race, gender, culture, and sex orientation lifestyles. The complete transition will take decades to gain full acceptance as US population makeup. The stressful shift is causing division, violent crime and psychological disorientation among many citizens in America.

The generational shift in age groups, majority population makeup, as Millennial and GenX gain political power. Majority population groups such as Millennial and GenX believe in government-run health care, student debt relief, marijuana legalization, sustainable food diets and criminal-justice reform, and demand urgent government action on climate change which impacts fossil fuel versus clean low carbon, alternative energy resources.

A business model technology acceleration of AI automation and robotics brought on by the COVID pandemic crisis that has opened up new remote work lifestyles and consumer behaviors transforming the backbone of the economy to a digital eCommerce ecosystem built on 5G networks. Near term under-employment impacts families at every income level, as consumers shop online, pickup food, remote work, AI mobile apps to manage financial investments (Vise), electric and hydrogen vehicles become standard and Telehealth evolves.

Debt overload as America approaches $30 Trillion now, over 140% of Debt to GDP ration and climbing, it's become unsustainable. The financial pressure of massive debt problems both Govt and Corp debt will hamper America's ability to grow and reduce standard of living.

Science breakthroughs in biotechnology, aerospace, manufacturing and artificial intelligence are changing the traditional religious views, culture and educational development focus now. For example, CRISP gene editing now allows scientist to reprogram biology resulting in 95% or more cure rates for chronic diseases like cancer, sickle cell anemia and other illnesses.

The New Paradigm

Central to the new paradigm in America will be cost efficient technology platforms emphasizing equality and diversity that lead to INNOVATION. A new paradigm will replace legacy models in the criminal justice system, energy industry, affordable healthcare, education and quality infrastructure. A robust U.S. investment is required in job re-training and support for families, in the next 10 years, in order for America to sustain a global leadership position. But the country in serious debt, no longer has the wealth it once held.

Bold leadership is necessary to implement and manage the all-inclusive healthy new transfer of wealth. America can realize it's true full potential through better equality and diversity studies show will add nearly $9 Trillion in GDP reports

Innovation is the key to America maintaining a global economic leadership position. But innovation requires a culture of equality and diversity installing new bipartisan leadership in place to move quickly and provide the support for small business entrepreneurship and research programs. Clear tax advantages for small businesses will contribute greater innovation while large corporations can be incentivized to invest more capital in research.

Nearly 60% of Millennial and GenX individuals desire to start their own business. But they often lack the financial capital to pursue their innovative ideas. Thus, a shift must occur in the structure of tax policies and reward entrepreneurial ventures that deliver better innovation. reports 60% of Millennials "have considered starting their own business." While 80% of survey respondents who know someone that has launched or worked for a startup consider that person successful. And 70% feel that startups and entrepreneurship are "essential for promoting innovation and jobs."

A change in the access to opportunities, inclusive for all people regardless of race, income, age, criminal record, gender or religion. And capital must be available to achieve this robust innovation. Small businesses provide nearly 65% or more of all new job creation in America.

Politically, a renewed effort to put term limits of 8 years on all U.S. government positions including President, Congress and Senate. The policy of term limits on all government positions will instill a refreshing cycle of new ideas, cost effective solutions and a cultural of bipartisan leadership. And the byproduct from a Govt. term limit policy embeds innovation.

A renewed focus on early childhood education is critical in America. And family units should be provided nearly free childcare through tax write-offs that help working class families succeed. In terms of human development, the importance of early childhood education can't be overstated. A child's early years are the foundation for his or her future development, providing a strong base for lifelong learning and learning abilities, including cognitive and social development. The first 5 years of life is critical to success or failure.

Healthcare affordability is driven through a Telehealth model which promotes in-home diagnosis and care to reduce expense. Prescription drug purchases are made available in price competitive online marketplace with Canadian and Mexico pharmaceutical suppliers.

Education K-12 grades will evolve into 3-days in-class and 2-days per week remote learning from home. While 4-year college degrees largely online with in-class lab, meetup sessions 2-days per week. Advanced college degrees may require on-site research lab attendance.

Business model transform to allow 4-days per work from home and 1-day per week team meetup sessions. Productivity improves 25% with remote work from home and business expenses reduced 35% on-average, annually saves $7,000 to $27,000 per employee.

A recent study by the Bureau of Labor Statistics found that 25% of people that were employed did some or all of their work at home on days they worked, and 82% of people that were employed did some or all of their work at their workplace. The same study by the Bureau of Labor Statistics also found that workers employed in financial operations, business, and management occupations (37%) and workers employed in professional and related occupations (33%) were more likely than those employed in other occupations to do some or all of their work from home on days they worked. And people are happier working from home.

Digital Currency is a gaming changing application which provides very efficient consumer data analytics and the ability to instantly measure the health of the economy in real-time. Using a mobile app, consumers will able to make purchases both physically in-stores and online with or without an Internet connect ie. off-line. Several added modules will be embedded in the digital currency applications which offer pros and cons to verified users.

Climate change will impact the U.S. economy by nearly $7 Trillion, infrastructure, agriculture and communities, particularly in New England, Florida, Texas, New Orleans, California, Maryland and other areas. Whether you believe in global warming or cooling weather patterns, its a certainty that extensive flooding and wild fire issues will dictate standard of living in America. We need better education on the realities of climate change.


The five key components will transform the face of America within the next 15 years driving a policy of equality and diversity that produces greater innovation. But this rapid transform accelerated by advances in technology and science will force significant pressures on legacy traditions and cultural norms which will "not likely go quietly into that good night" thus a period of civil unrest very probable. But ultimately, population and generational shifts in America will take hold re-defining cultural values, prosperity and purpose in America.

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