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Cloud Enterprise Robot Machine Learning

The intelligent automation of business using data analytics and decision making technology solutions based on cloud enterprise machine learning tools is delivering nearly 55% cost savings annually for progressive companies now making the leap reports

Companies are embedding augmented intelligent enterprise technology such as data analytic senors, robots, and machine learning apps that are interacting with humans.

Cloud based enterprise solutions augmented by intelligent machines and data senors are providing "Predictive" decision making solutions that enhance human business management such as in the investment world at companies like BlackRock and JP Morgan.

In 2021, the acceleration of integrated machine learning technology, working along side human labor has begun driving a future-driven enterprise solutions that result in nearly $6 Trillion in added global enterprise profitability reports

Industries most affected by intelligent machine learning robot apps include banking, insurance, automotive, retail eCommerce, manufacturing, healthcare and education.

Increasingly companies are seeking cyber-security experts and employing freelancers to reduce overhead costs by 45% or more and provide smarter more intelligent solutions.

The shift to decentralization of payment for services has enhanced the digital currency revolution and/or cryptocurrency models which transform the global economic, political and cultural landscape. A major benefit of cryptocurrency is empowering individuals, but the windfall has significant cyber security threats, given the advent of quantum computing apps.

An immediate national security concern arises for the United States over the next ten years, as developed countries like China, Russia, Germany, and India achieve CLOUD QUANTUM COMPUTING SUPREMACY of 1,000 + Qubits, a capability milestone to solve almost problem in seconds, breaking most cyber-security algorithms, says

Currently, we see the technological evolution of business and consumer shopping behavior towards the digital economy. This shift creates politically charged financial solutions like Blockchain, defined as a decentralized, distributed ledger that records the provenance of a digital asset reports

Given the trajectory of cloud based robot machine learning, coupled with the acceleration of quantum computing power, it is necessary to start now laying the foundation for cooperative global leadership and mutual economic prosperity to produce a peaceful co-existence among nation states. This important agreement among countries worldwide should focus on the mutual interest in peaceful collaboration, respect and the true acceptance of varying political cultures, adopting sustainable global economic principals.

The COVID pandemic has accelerated the adoption of digital economic principals such as remote work, digital currency and enterprise robot machine learning that reduces overhead costs. The health concerns of COVID has pronounced the climate change issue, driving us further towards clean energy and reducing carbon footprint in order to gain a healthy planet.

The real-time technology based world, we are evolving into requires a new type of high-level individual employee to manage a variety of automated machine learning data touch points. The role of human labor is rapidly changing in the workforce, military and in our personal lives. And the number of humans necessary to run a business is shrinking with automation.

Even on the military battle field within 10-years, we will no longer use human soldiers in the traditional sense. More like battle field managers that oversee automated intelligent robots.

To produce a human workforce capable of managing a variety of automated systems will require the re-imagination of traditional education systems and job training programs. Collaboration and diversity are key elements to creating a culture of innovation which drives greater prosperity. Without innovation there is no sustainable prosperity. So, the future of education must emphasis individual creative, out-side-the-box thinkers to compete globally.

Early childhood education is probably the most important period in any persons life between the ages 1 - 7 years old. This tender period, early in a persons life, forms the critical brain functions that largely impact an individuals future opportunity of success and failure. Much better emphasis on helping families to gain access to affordable early child hood education would payoff tenfold for America with lifelong learning habits, job skills and reduce crime.

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